Method-Call Interception in JavaScript

AspectJS is a professional programming-library that allows you to exploit the benefits of method-call interception in your JavaScript applications via proxy functions, and this site caters to all facets of the product and its support. AspectJS was designed and developed by Richard Vaughan, and is sold and distributed by Dodeca Technologies Ltd.

The library comprises four principal components. These are the AJS object, which implements the basic call-interception mechanism, and three client-resources that use that object, the nature of which are as follows:

  • AJS_Validator – supports sophisticated Design by Contract techniques that allow you to test and debug both locally and remotely during development, but to deploy your application with none of the overhead those techiques incur. The power and utility of AJS_Validator is reason alone to purchase AspectJS.
  • AJS_Logger – allows you to instrument method calls within your application in order to debug and profile it locally or remotely.
  • AJS_ODL – allows you to employ on-demand loading of JSON, JavaScript, CSS and HTML code, as well as image, video/audio and other resources.

To understand how AspectJS can benefit you, read the various motivation pages for each component, and see also the Product Overview page. See also the Site Map for links to all sections in every page on this site, along with information on the Cookies policy that this site implements.

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Beautiful, I admire the quality of your work. Your implementation looks really natural [and] it's very nice to see someone working on high-quality software that is backed by good ideas and tests.

R Cooke

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