Method-Call Interception in JavaScript

A Component Library supporting Aspect-Oriented Programming

AspectJS is an industrial-strength JavaScript component that gives full control over method-call interception. The product enables Aspect-Oriented web development, thus yielding powerful and sophisticated approaches to programming in JavaScript, and this site caters to all facets of the product and its support.

The product is complemented by a set of adjunct and supplementary components, that are provided freely, and which can be used independently of AspectJS, or in conjunction with the product, thus yielding a robust, modular and efficient resource.

For key technology-details, the Product section is an excellent starting point. Alternatively, if you are unclear about method-call interception, aspect orientation, and how these concepts apply to JavaScript, then the article entitled Transparency on Demand will take you from first principles. You can acquire AspectJS very inexpensively via the Purchase page.


AspectJS is provided by Dodeca Technologies Ltd - a software-development and services company that is based in south-west London. The product was conceived, designed and developed exclusively by Richard Vaughan.

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